Our Submission Policy


at Firefly Creative Entertainment Group, Inc.

Our company policy does not allow us to accept, review or consider, and we do not knowingly accept, review or consider, any Unsolicited Submission(s) of materials, including without limitation, any ideas, suggestions, notes, scripts, story lines, articles, fiction, proposals, marketing or promotional plans, program formats, literary material, videos, musical compositions, characters, drawings, concepts and/or other information and/or materials (collectively, Unsolicited Submission(s), with our company policy concerning Unsolicited Submission(s) and we must request that you do not send us any Unsolicited Submission(s), as it is our company policy to delete, destroy or return any and all Unsolicited Submission(s) immediately and automatically without reviewing them, whether sent to us by mail, electronic transmission, personal delivery or otherwise, by you or any other person or entity. Therefore, any similarity between any Unsolicited Submission(s) and any elements in any Firefly Creative Entertainment Group, Inc. creative work including without limitation any film, television series, story, title or concept, would be purely coincidental. It is the intent of this policy to avoid the possibility of future misunderstandings when materials developed by or at the request of Firefly Creative Entertainment Group, Inc. professional staff might seem to others to be similar to their own creative work.


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